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23 January 2010 @ 01:20
Sonnet for Ten (II)

What could a simple human make of you?
Thine eyes are no more brown than mine eyes grey
And such delicacy in movements made
And shall my heart become to be dismayed?
The words have not yet been written to say
if such carnal fantasies become true.

And shall my name be forgotten in thine
Time's eternal avarice? No more a
lovesick child beckoning a pallid rhyme
To illustrate her heart's desire and may
Such semantics be dreadful to assign!
They hold no purpose; a lover's array;

An attempt for one shining moment seen
Where Solaris is king and Selene queen.
23 January 2010 @ 01:15
One Day Strike.

Granted I never saw a God go,
but those words you speak
and the trival world in which you reside!

Where oh where did my heart go?
Thine eyes have it, warm and dark
like a blackhole at the end of time.

And love should never leave your side
I send it to you in brown paper
packages, tied with heartstrings.

Packages never sent, faultess
but Cupid is on strike, my love, striking
out on his own for a day.

I send too much, it exhausts his wings.
Sending my words, my breaths, my veins-
too much for anyone to carry.

Worry not, my love, my love.
It is unending and like the dead space
it is eternal. It is never changing.

Such frosty reception should kill kill kill
the weaker flowerbuds of tender thoughts.
But not I, not I, my love, my medicine man.
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20 January 2010 @ 11:56
Owen and Theta.

Oh what to speak of, these medicine men
whose life, it seems, consumes my own
and nowhere shall my fear hide and whine
like a dog, like a dog smeared show
of petty anger and frustration.

Hypodermic fixation: such hypocrisy!
In life, those who bide by that old
Hippocratic Oath sends me afright
and the cowardice seems justified.

And yet you fix me, the men who make things
better it seems, are somewhat off the scale
off the radar of my iatrophobia.
Can such psychologies be so
independent? What fear do i have

of the dead doctor-men who broke my
vascular system without true wit?
And where shall i live again
with no medical ailments and
where the world seems clinical?

Doctors, where will I live without you
and fearing both never and always?

Such despicable ambivalence.
I envy death.
20 January 2010 @ 10:59

Salvation never took me under
it's wing nor shall I decree
it so, and such is like

and all those filler words
that make mine speech sound
more than it is.

And where did my saviour go?
The footprints on destiny's beach
never made a form,

walking on water, cursing the sky
and wondering, to such base points -
why the sky seems dead.
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19 January 2010 @ 15:16
My, my and look what my unconscious
mind has dragged into the fore once again!
Tis my old infatuation who

does not does not and does not.
Where did our love go?
All mine has wrapped itself

around a chaos theory gentleman
whose name and mine do not agree.
And you seem to have not changed.

Are you eternal like the dark energy
which exists forever and ever amen?
I have no such joy.

I flinch and mutate like influenza and
chokes chokes chokes all mundane
realism and hope. Poison Ivy

flitting between frost and fire -
all and nothing, one and zero.
Being nothing and everything and

no more a lover than a trifle
or a deer so dainty in
the curse-driven snow.

Where did that all go?
Tis sour now, thorough
no fault of our own.

Time hath killed Serenity
and Worry is my mistress now
and the eternal Vexation.
19 October 2009 @ 12:50
OMG, have you ever tried this Rubicon juice stuff?

I'm having lychee juice right now.

It is tasty as hell.

The mango flavour is to die for!

=- Over and out.
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28 September 2009 @ 10:28

If it's one thing that makes me feel sorry to be human, it's the Republican Party in America right now. I know it's not all of them: that would be silly to think like that. I follow McCain on Twitter for Chrissake. It's the nutcases that are doing my head in.

Personally, I couldn't care what America does with it's people: they still do not rank very highly in my opinion and some aspects of 'Americanism' scares me to shit and makes me think of Communism, actually. I mean, Pledge of Allegiance? Please. That's straight out of 'V For Vendetta'.

Obama, well, he talks a nice talk. I like having someone articulate in the White House. It makes a nice change since I can only remember three Presidential eras: Clinton: which is all fuzzy and hazy but centers on him effectively jizzing on a dress. Which, at the age I was at the time, is not exactly a quality I could define. Bush, well...comedy gold doesn't even come into it. He's like Jay Leno only uber-Christian. And he has some very good music named after him: primarily Bill Bailey's Drum and Bush. And I'm not a fangirl of the nue-nue-nue-nue-nue-nue-nue-nue-nue sorta music. Maybe there was a sort of Terrorist Brain where the brains of people turned to mush after Sept/9th. Didn't seem to effect London and to a lesser effect, Glasgow. They just on with it. RAH MAKES YOU PROUD TO BE A BRITISHER GOD SAVE THE QUEEN EARL GREY BLACKADDER RAH RAH RAH!

Anywho, back to the topic at hand. I'm a Humanist (on good days. On bad days I want a nuclear holocaust to wipe out every fetid, stunted little ape.) and you will be judged by History. Will they thank you, in the end? I think some folk miss out the bigger picture.

But seriously, I really started to pay attention when they started to slag off the NHS. That's OUR job to slag off the NHS! How dare you complain about that! We are the complainers of the world! If we harnessed the power of British moaning and Scottish grumbling and Welsh sniping and Northern Irish complaining, who needs the oil? The UK would rule the world...again. HAH!

But then, seriously, Death Panels. Oh yes, DEATH. PANELS. Panels to decide who lives and who dies.

Obviously not fans of Doctor Who, then. Doctor Who talks about how shite being in charge of life and death is.

Load of old cobblers, that what yer death panels are. NICE does not equal Death Panel, you prawn. NICE merely regulate medication and ethical treatments - kinda like the Department of Health. Fuck fuck fuck, death panels in the USA!


Then, and THEN get this: Sarah "I'm a Bitch in Lippy" Palin says "Obama's Healthcare would kill my Down's Syndrome Baby!".


Incidentally, Sarah Palin confuses me. How the fuck can you be pro-life and pro-gun? That's an oxymoron in my opinion, matey.

They say it would raise taxes: well, not really.

According to my calculations, around £90 billion is spent on healthcare in the UK by the Department of Health. Divided by the population, this incurs a tax of around £1476.76 per annum. This is not only raised on income taxes but petrol taxes, car tax, VAT, taxes on booze and cigarettes and a few other stealth taxes. So, in fact it's barely noticeable. (In terms of taxation in chocolate bars; if every chocolate bar costs around 50p, around 7.5p is raised in taxes. So, somewhere in excess of ten thousand chocolate bars is one 'NHS' tax done.)

For this amount ($2,502.88 approximately at the current exchange rate), America would need £448,678,411,060.98 ($760,206,233,570.61) in taxes p/a in order to have a medical system as such as the UK system. However, currently, $2,000,000,000,000 is spent p/a on the Medicaid and Medicare systems. Thus, you already are capable of financially running such a system.

Course, my numbers might be wrong. I didn't know that the Yanks used different numbers for billion and million and all that.

Also, the sheer price of healthcare is MAD. Even if you don't have the full healthcare dealy, put your prices down. I mean, one in ten (it's actually a bit more than that but a round number sounds much better than a decimel) Americans have no healthcare. At all. So, if they get swine flu: they're not going to be in the best position.

Some people have been arguing that those on benefits don't deserve healthcare.

Which is...whoa. Seriously? This from a Christian country? Jesus would want people to have healthcare, you dumbos! Unless in my time as a Christian (I'm not now, btw. Add it to the list of things that would not be good socially in America) was bullshit. Who fucking knows?

You want facts, skeptic America, have some facts.

We have more doctors and nurses per 1000 people in the UK than America.
America spends the most IN THE WORLD on healthcare and its sitting a mere 37th place in average lifespans.
There are some who classify the American Health System as effective as Cuba's.

Also, constitutionally, it was ruled way back in FDR's day that any form of social aid is not unconstitutional.

So, what gives, America?

Healthcare is good, or did you not get the memo? :)
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